Vertical Specialties Keep Partners Focused on Growth

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It’s easy to think of business printing as a generalist pursuit. After all, every business does it and the mechanisms don’t appear to differ much across various industries — at least on the surface. But the devil, as they say, is in the details. And as is often the case in the channel, so is the opportunity.

Four Steps to Profitability in a Disruptive Marketplace

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We all know that the best solution providers stay ahead of the competition by crafting new, profitable solutions that help customers use emerging technologies to better their businesses. But how do these successful VARs and MSPs know where to concentrate their efforts? The secret lies in identifying which new opportunities offer a combination of a… Read more »

Businesses Play Fast and Loose With Printer Security

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Next-generation MFPs are more than just peripherals. They are true computing devices with storage, software and network vulnerabilities similar to connected desktops and laptops. As such, overlooking security can be perilous and costly. According to analyst firm Quocirca, the majority of businesses are at risk from unsecured network printers, and nine out of 10 require… Read more »