Businesses Play Fast and Loose With Printer Security

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Next-generation MFPs are more than just peripherals. They are true computing devices with storage, software and network vulnerabilities similar to connected desktops and laptops. As such, overlooking security can be perilous and costly. According to analyst firm Quocirca, the majority of businesses are at risk from unsecured network printers, and nine out of 10 require… Read more »

X & CO Transform Business With MFP Application

XandCo Xerox

Xerox channel partners are thriving in today’s market by thinking outside the box. And by “box” we mean multifunction printer devices (MFPs). Danish Xerox channel partner, X & CO is a perfect example of a seasoned company that shifted their focus and increased revenue through amplified customer satisfaction. It’s a story all Xerox channel partners… Read more »

Saying It Better in Color

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When managed print partners scour the systems of a new client, the focus is often on wringing every inefficiency from the document management processes while maximizing cost savings. It’s worth noting, however, that while trimming print spending is a worthwhile goal, some cuts may not be worth making. Take color printing, for example. There’s good… Read more »

The Rising Profile of Print Security


As sure as the flowers will bloom in spring, the cybersecurity cognoscenti will gather in California for the annual RSA Conference and Expo to mark another year of intrusions, breaches, malware and mayhem. The event this week features no fewer than 490 sessions and 400 vendor exhibits on display for an estimated crowd of nearly… Read more »

Reducing the IT Burden With a Managed Print Service

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In an era where businesses are trying to wring every bit of efficiency and productivity out of their overworked and undermanned IT staffs, print systems represent a particularly ripe target. According to Gartner, nearly 40 percent of all calls to the IT help desk in an organization are made to deal with output problems like… Read more »