The Rising Profile of Print Security


As sure as the flowers will bloom in spring, the cybersecurity cognoscenti will gather in California for the annual RSA Conference and Expo to mark another year of intrusions, breaches, malware and mayhem. The event this week features no fewer than 490 sessions and 400 vendor exhibits on display for an estimated crowd of nearly… Read more »

Reducing the IT Burden With a Managed Print Service

Fast Fact

In an era where businesses are trying to wring every bit of efficiency and productivity out of their overworked and undermanned IT staffs, print systems represent a particularly ripe target. According to Gartner, nearly 40 percent of all calls to the IT help desk in an organization are made to deal with output problems like… Read more »

Top MPS Firm Xenith Is Consistent About Change

Xerox Xenith

Managed Print Services can be a lucrative addition to a BTA dealer’s offerings, but a successful MPS practice is far from a one-and-done proposition. The best managed print services are the result of constant refinement and innovation in pursuit of optimal business outcomes for the client. That kind of ongoing measurement and continual solutions crafting… Read more »

Managed Services All About Satisfaction

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In the realm of business and information technology, there’s any number of excellent reasons for partners to explore the services model. Managed services afford solution providers a business model that scales readily and generates valuable recurring revenue streams. But perhaps the best justification for the services transformation can be summed up in two words: Customer… Read more »