Managed Print Standout Differentiates With Apps

Southern Solutions

Managed print services partners – and all managed services firms, really – rely on new and creative ways to reach and engage with clients as a fundamental part of their success. For most, that means building out their practices with increasingly specialized offerings and finding better, more consistent channels to communicate with the market. One… Read more »

Mobile Workforce Lights Up DistribuTech

Mobile Workforce Lights Up DistribuTech

If you’re in the business of providing IT services to energy and utility companies you’re already well aware: These companies are hard-pressed to differentiate and provide better, more cost-efficient services to consumers in a rapidly changing marketplace. Solving that conundrum will depend, in large part on ramping up the ability of field-service personnel to access… Read more »

All’s Fair in Love and Business


The furtive glances, the sweaty palms, the nervous laughter. We’ve all been there. But if you think such things are limited to the realm of love and romance, think again. Business, like love, is all about relationship building. According to one renowned dating coach, the same strategies that help us woo the apple of our… Read more »