Vertical Leaps Advance Market Knowledge

Vertical Leaps Advance Market Knowledge

Print services are ripe with opportunity in a variety of verticals – but while solution providers are ready to storm the gates, not everyone has the keys.

In theory, it’s simple enough: Give clients the print capabilities they need and the services to keep systems running effectively and efficiently. But the devil is in the details. Every vertical industry has different needs, and our Vertical Leaps series highlights the opportunities available in each, explaining the details in a way that makes sense for partners.

Vertical Leap: How Specialization Focus Equals Big Win for Channel

Rather than being a jack of all verticals, focusing on a few fertile spaces gives partners an edge in revenues and growth. In this blog, we encourage solution providers to take a deeper look at the needs and usage patterns for print and related document management capabilities within vertical organizations – which will make the benefits of managed print services even more clear.

Vertical Leap: Health Care Print a Perfect Profit Prescription

Of all the vertical industries of interest to the channel, few hold more promise and opportunity than health care. We take a look into best practices for selling to this vertical, including the option of specialized offerings that incorporate EMRs and document management solutions with typical print services. Thinking like a health care provider makes all the difference.

Vertical Leap: Get Schooled in Education Sales

Take notes as we showcase the classroom of the future, and how simply “running off” copies of tests and worksheets is no longer typical. Today’s education systems are much more sophisticated, thus they require more sophisticated print sales and management methods. We explain how managed print services can keep teachers ahead of their technologically-savvy students, while advancing the market.

Vertical Leap: Making a Strong Case for Tech in the Legal Industry

Across the staid legal vertical, practices are enjoying newfound efficiency in productivity thanks to IT-powered improvements to how legal documents are processed, stored, archived and output. We sound the gavel to make solution providers more efficient in selling to this vertical, and offer tips on how to close sales by “thinking like a lawyer.”

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